Monday Night, Spring Storm/Severe Weather Update

31 03 2008

Spring Storm/Severe Weather Update


A spring storm system continues to affect the region. There is a severe weather outbreak occuring in the lower Mississippi Vally. There have been 5 tornado reports, along with several reports of damaging winds and hail. Tonights outbreak is starting to die down a bit, and should continue to weaken. Tomorrow there looks to be some severe storms in the deep South, along the Gulf Coast. There may also be some isolated severe storms up into the Ohio Valley, and Mid-Atlantic. The storms will be capable of producing damaging winds and hail, with an isolated tornado. There is also major flooding occuring in the Mississippi Valley, in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. A little more rain is expected which will add a little more to the flooding problems. On the backside of this storm there is snow falling in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Northern Michigan. Many reports are coming in with up to 6 inches of snow. By the time the snow is over expect to see totals around 8 inches. Below are my outlooks for severe storms for the rest of Tonight, and Tomorrow.



Monday Evening Severe Weather Update

31 03 2008

Severe Weather Update


There is currently a severe weather outbreak occuring. There have been 5 tornado reports so far. there have also been several reports of hail and damaging winds. Severe storms are currently ongoing in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Illinois. This line of storms will push east through the Evening before weakening tonight. Below is my updated svere weather outlook for Tonight.


Sunday Night, Spring Storm/Severe Weather Update

30 03 2008

Spring Storm Update


A major spring storm system is currently moving through the region. There are severe thunderstorms currently ongoing inOklahoma. There is also heavy snow falling in the Northern Plains. This storm will continue to affect the area through Tuesday. On Monday and Monday night another round of severe storms looks to break out along the Mississippi Vally. There will be the potential for hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes. Onn the backside of the system heavy snow will continue with accumulations over 6 inches. Another side to this storm will be the flooding. The area at most risk is the Mississippi Valley. 1-3 inches of rain looks to fall, which will lead to flooding. Below is my outlook for severe storms tomorrow. Note: this is my outlook not the NWS Storm Prediction Centers.go1.jpg

Saturday Night, Sunday-Tuesday Spring Storm Update

29 03 2008

Spring Storm/Map Updates


A major spring storm is set to hit the region Sunday into Tuesday. This storm will be capable of producing flooding rains, severe storms, and snow. Heavy flooding rains look to hit the Mississippi Vally, some areas may pick up 3-4 inches of rain out of this event, which will lead to more flooding problems. Another threat with this system will be a severe weather outbreak. The first severe event will occur Sunday and Sunday Night, severe storms will develop along a cold front in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, while other severe storms may develop along a warm front in Missouri, and Iowa. On Monday and Monday Night the second part of the outbreak will occur, with severe storms developing along a cold front in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Iowa. These storms will from into a squall line and bow echos, and push east across Missouri, Arkansas, and Illinois. Both rounds of severe storms will be capable of producing tornadoes, damaging winds, and hail. This looks like it may turn out to be a major outbreak, please stay tuned for further updates. On the backside of this system several inches of snow will fall in Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnasota, and Northern Wisconsin. Below are updated maps showing where severe storms, flooding and snow will be possible.



Spring Storm Sunday-Tuesday

29 03 2008

Spring Storm


A major spring storm system will affect the region Sunday into Tuesday. This storm will produce heavy flooding rains, severe storms, and snow. The areas that are at risk for flooding rains include areas that have been hit over the past week or so and places further north, states include: Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Some areas may see up to 3 or 4 inches of rain out of this event. There will also be a severe side to this storm. On Sunday and Sunday Night severe storms will be possible in Kansas, Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. There will be a second round of severe storms on Monday and Monday Night as the cold front pushes into the region, areas at risk on Monday are: Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, and Oklahoma. The main threats from the storms will be tornadoes, damaging winds, and hail. On the backside of this system the will be the potential for accumulating snow, with 6+ inches possible in many areas. States to be hardest hit by snow include: Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Nebraska. I will have a more indepth update later tonight. Below is a map showing where snow, severe storms, and flooding will be possible Sunday-Tuesday.


Thursday March 27th Snow Totals

29 03 2008

Snow Totals


On Thursday a system moved through producing severe storms in Missouri, there was also a small swath of snow that fell from South Dakota into Ohio. The highest totals came out of South Dakota where up to 15 inches of snow fell, totals were less in areas to the east. Below is a list of the top 5 snow totals by state.

South Dakota:                         Minnesota:                       Iowa:

Highmore: 15.0                      Lake Field: 3.5                  Gowrie: 6.0

Agar: 13.0                            Pipestone: 3.0                   Lehigh: 4.5

Redfield: 11.0                        Jackson: 3.0                   Dubuque: 4.4

Gettysburg: 10.0                     Hills: 2.5                    State Center: 4.3

Faulkton: 9.5                       Round Lake: 2.5           Marshalltown: 4.3

Wisconsin:                                 Illinois:                      Michigan:

Palmyra: 6.0                           Stockton: 2.6                Wyandotte: 5.0

Milton: 4.0                                Elgin: 2.0                   Fair Haven: 5.0

North Prarie: 3.2                  St. Charles: 2.0                 Dundee: 5.0

Waukesha: 3.0                  O’Hare Airport: 1.9            Ann Arbor: 4.8

Cuba City: 3.0                   *Streamwood: 1.7*           Garden City: 4.7

Indiana:                                  Ohio:

Angola: 4.3                          Montpelier: 5.2

Hudson: 3.6                         Wauseon: 2.3

La Grange: 3.3

Wakarusa: 3.0

Orland: 2.2

March 20-22 Snowstorm Totals

28 03 2008

Snow Totals


Hello everyone, I have returned from vacation and will be posting about a couple of  events that happened over the past week or so that I was gone. I will start with the snowstorm that occured last Thursday Night into Saturday. This storm produced a swath of snow from South Dakota into Michigan, up to 18 inches of snow fell in South Dakota. Below are the top 5 snow totals by state from this storm.

South Dakota:                                Minnesota:               Wisconsin:

Pickerel Lake State Park 18.0      Chanhassen: 6.9           West Allis: 17.7

Roy Lake State Park 16.0              Little Falls: 6.0           Greenfield: 16.5

Wilmot: 16.0                                Richfirld: 5.5              Brookfield: 15.5

Roslyn: 14.0                                Plymouth: 5.5             Saukville: 15.2

Summit: 14.0                               Willman: 5.0               Kenosha: 15.1

Illinois:                                             Michigan:

Gurnee: 11.0                                     Allegan: 15.0

Beach Park: 10.0                         Bloomingdale: 12.0

Waukegan: 8.5                                Hartford: 10.8

Mundelein: 8.2                             School Craft: 10.0

Wauconda: 7.3                            Yankee Springs: 9.5