Two Late Week-Early Weekend Winter Storms

11 03 2008

Thursday Night-Friday Storm


A weak system looks to move through the region Thurday Night-Friday. This system will form on the tail end of a cold front that will be moving through. As of right now the storm is not a high possibility, but may happen. If it does occur there will be a swath of snow through: Central Illinois, Indiana, Northern Ohio, Southern Michigan, and into the Northeast. Below is a map shwing where snow may fall, if this storm still looks likely in the morning, I will have another post on it. Below the map is a post on the storm that follows this one.


Friday-Saturday Winter Storm

A larger system looks to affect the region Friday into Saturday. At this time it looks like several inches of snow may fall from Nebraska to Illinois to Ohio, and into the Northeast. Slow the southern edge a mix may occur. South of the systems trak severe storms look to be possible. This storm is still a few days away so changes in its track and strength are possible. Below is a map showing where snow, a mix, and severe storms look to be likely.


Midweek Warm Up/Friday-Sunday Winter Storm Possibility

11 03 2008

Midweek Warm Up/Late Week-Early Weekend Snow Storm


There will be a nice warm up for most of the country this week. Many Northern area’s will get into the 40’s and 50’s, while Southern area’s get into the 70’s an 80’s. Below is an updated temperature forecast for Wednesday.


Friday-Sunday Winter Storm Possibility

Yet another winter storm looks to take aim on the Midwest and Oho Valley Friday into Sunday. This storm has the pottential to produce several inches of snow and severe storms in the south. The area’s that currently look to recieve several inch of snow are: Nebraska, Northern Kansas, Iowa, Northern Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, And into the Northeast. This storm is still a couple of days out, thus the track and strength may change. Below is the GFS model showing the storm on Saturday Afternoon.