7:45PM Tuesday, Major Flooding And Severe Weather Update

18 03 2008

Major Flooding And Severe Storms Update


A strong storm system is currently affecting the region. There are some severe storms over Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The threat from the storms will be damaging winds, tornado’s, and hail. The main threat with this storm system is the flooding rains. There has been up to 10 inches of rain reported in Missouri. The area of heavy rain is also impacting Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. There will be up to 7 more inches of rain in some area’s which will make flooding worse. There have been several reports of homes, and roads under water. If you encounter a flooded roadway do not try to drive through, turn around and find an alternate route to your destianation. If water approaches your home, take personal items and leave. Below are is the latest radar imagery with comments on them.