Saturday, November 1st 2008 Weather Outlook

31 10 2008

Saturday’s Weather Outlook; West System


On Saturday, a system will continue to affect the West Coast, while a weak system affect the Northern Midwest. Shoers and storms will be possible throughout the day in portions of the West. Heavy snows will also be possible in mountainous areas of California. In the Nothern Midwest, a few shower will be possible Saturday Night. Below is my thunderstorm outlook for Saturday.

Halloween 2008 Weather Outlook

30 10 2008

Friday, October 31st – Halloween Outlook


On Friday, a storm system will continue to affect the West Coast. Showers and some storms will be possible through the day across portions of the West. There will also be a chance for storms in Missouri, Arkasas, and Oklahoma, as a disturbance moves through. With limited instibility, a few storms may become severe, witht he main threats being hail and damaging winds. Otherwise, the rest of the country should be sunny, and mild. Below is my Halloween outlook.

Thursday, October 30th 2008 Weather Outlook

29 10 2008

Thursday’s Weather Outlook; Northeast System


On Thursday, a system will continue to pull away from the Northeast, as Lake effect precipitation ends. Raina nd snow showers will be possible in the Northeast on Thursday, as the affects of the Nor’Easter are still felt, and some lake effect precipitation continues. Any rain or snow accumulation should be minimal. Below is my thunderstorm outlook for Thursday.

Wednesday, October 29th 2008 Weather Outlook

28 10 2008

Wednesday’s Weather Outlook; Northeast System


On Wednesday, a system will continue to affect the Northeast, as lake effect precipitation continue in the Great Lakes. Some rain is expected along costal areas of the Northeast, from Conneticut up into Maine. On the backside of the system snow is expected to continue, especially in mountainous areas. Lake effect snow will also be possible downwind of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Additional snow accumulation of 3-6 inches is possible over some areas by Wednesday Night. Below is my thunderstorm outlook for Wednesday.

October 27-29th Northeast Snowstorm

27 10 2008

Monday-Wednesday Northeast Snowstorm


A costal low, otherwise know to those in the Northeast, as a Nor’easter, will begin to ride up to coast Monday Night. Showers and isolated storms will be possible across much of the Northeast. On Tuesday, as cold air wraps into the system, rain will turn to snow on the backside of this system, from Pennsylvania up into New York. As precipitation will stay rain along the coast, into Maine. Snow could be heavy at times, along with storng winds over 40MPH, near blizzard conditions may be possible in portions of New York. Final snowfall accumulations may reach over 12 inches, especially in New York. Below is my snowfall map for this system.

Tuesday, October 28th Weather Outlook

27 10 2008

Tuesday’s Weather Outlook


On Tuesday, a system will begin to move up through the Northeast. Showers and a few storms will be ongoing and continue through the day across castal areas of the Northeast, on up into Maine. On the backside of the system snow will be possible with up to 12 inches being possible in higher elevations. Lake effect snow and rain will also be possible during the early part of the day, downwind of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Erie. Below is my thunderstorm outlook for Tuesday.

October 26-29th Great Lakes/Northeast Snow Event & Lake Effect Snow

26 10 2008

Sunday-Wednesday Great Lakes/Northeast Snow Event & Lake Effect Snow


A system will continue to move through the Great ALkes the next few day, as a system develops off the Northeast Coast. System snow up to a trace will be found over many area, with up to 3-6 inches possible in portions of the Northeast. Behind these systems lake effect snow will be possible, with up to 3-6 inches being possible downwind of Lake Superior, and Lake Erie. Below is my snow map for the system and lake effect snow events.

Monday, October 27th Weather Outlook

26 10 2008

Monday’s Weather Outlook; Great Lakes/Northeast System


On Monday, a system will continue to push through the Great Lakes and Northeast. raina nd snow showers will be ongoign and possible through the day across portions of the Northeast and Great Lakes. Lake effect snow will also be possible, in downwind area. A general 1-3 icnehs of lake effect snow can be expected, witha few higher totals. Cold temperatures will also be found over much of the region, with freezing conditions overnight. Below is my thunderstorm outlook for Monday.

October 22-23rd Plains Blizzard Final Totals

26 10 2008

October 22-23rd Plains Blizzard Final Snow Totals


This system did not turn out to be as bad as first expected. As stated before, warm air stuck around keeping snow totals 6 inches or less. With the highest totals in Nebraska. Below is the top 5 snow totals from each state affected.

Nebraska:                                                          South Dakota:

Gothenburg, NE – 5.0″                                                     Madison, SD – 2.0″

Amelia, NE – 5.0″                                                           Brookings, SD – 1.8″

Ellsmere, NE – 3.5″                                                            Salem, SD – 1.3″

Grant, NE – 3.5″                                                                Elkton, SD – 1.0″

Anselmo, NE – 3.5″                                                        Hendricks, SD – 1.0″

Sunday, October 26th Weather Outlook

25 10 2008

Sunday’s Weather Outlook; Northeast System, Plains/Midwest/Great Lakes System


On Sunday, a system will exit the Northeast, while a new system affects the Plains, Midwest, and Great Lakes. Showers and storms will be ongoing, and continue through the early part of the day, across portions of the Northeast. In th ePlains, Midwest, and Great Lakes, a system will move through the areas. This system will bring a chance of rain and snow shower, anlong with cold temperatures down into the 20’s at Night, and only in the 30’s and 40’s during the day. High winds will also be a big problem, as winds may gust over 60MPH in some areas, as a strong jet stream races over the area. Lakes effect snow will also be possible from Sunday into Monday. Below is my thunderstorm outlook for Sunday.