Friday-Saturday Winter Storm And Snow Map Update

13 03 2008

Winter Storm/Snow Map Update


A winter storm will affect the area tomorrow through Saturday Night. At this time it looks like the main threat will be severe storms in the South. There will also be an area of snow over Nebraska, where up to 3-7 inches will be possible sin some spots, with a general 1-3 inches elsewhere. Along the northern ege of the rest of the precip. form Missouri to the Mid-Atlantic States, a rain snow mix is possible with up to 2 inches of snow accumulation possible in some area’s. Below is the latest snow/rain/severs storms map.


Friday-Saturday Storm Update With Forecast Map

13 03 2008

Winter Storm/Forecast Map


A late season winter storm looks to affect the region Friday into Saturday Night. At this time it looks like the storm will move from Oklahoma to North Carolina. This storm will have to much warm air to produce any widespread or significant snowfall, but it has the potential to spread some snow across Nebraska, Extreme Western Iowa, and Extreme Northern Kansas. The main threat with this system will be severe storms, which will affect the South. Below is a map showing where severe storms/snow/rain will be possible.


Friday-Saturday Winter Storm Update

13 03 2008

Friday-Saturday Winter Storm Update


Another winter storm looks to be taking aim on the area for Friday into Saturday. The models have taken last nights nouthern track and now have it going on the more preferred southern track. This storm looks to produce an area of snow from: Nebraska to Illinois to Ohio, then into the Northeast. There will also be an outbreak of severe storms in the South. Expect more changes in the track and strength of this system. I will post a snow map later today. Below is the NAM model showing the storm on Saturday.