Thursday Night-Saturday Snowstorm/Snow Map Update

19 03 2008

Snowstorm/Snow Map Update


A snowstorm will be affecting the region Thursday Night into Saturday. As of right now a general band of snow looks the extend from North Dakota  through Illinois, then into New York. There will be an axis of heavy snow within the general area of snow, within this heavy axis, 6+ inches of snow may fall. There will be good dynamics with this storm, which may help produce thundersnow, with hourly snow rates near 2 inches. Below is an updated snow map.


Thursday Night-Saturday Snow Storm Potential

19 03 2008

Snow Storm Possible


Another storm looks to affect the region Thursday Night into Saturday. As it looks right now there will be a band of snow from North Dakota into New York, with the Heaviest falling from South Dakota into Michigan. This storm has the potential to produce more than 6 inches of snow in some area’s. Expect some minor changes in the track and strength of this system. I will have another update on the storm later tonight. Below is a snow map for this storm.


Issued March 19th: End Of March-Early April Temperature And Storm Outlooks

19 03 2008

Long Range Temperature And Storm Outlooks


Long range forecasts do not look good if you want Spring. As it looks right now March will end very stormy, and this trend will continue into early April. Snow will continue to be possible mainly north of I-80 from Nebraska to Ohio. Severe weather outbreaks will be confined to the Southern states. Temperatures look to be below normal for most of the U.S. except for the Southern states. If you wnat Spring, tou may have to wait a while longer, unless your in the South. Below is a map showing what may happen over the next 2 weeks.