Wednesday, December 30th 2009 Weather Outlook

30 12 2009

Wednesday’s Weather Outlook; Mississippi Valley/Great Lakes/Ohio Valley/Southeast System, West System

On Wednesday, a system will push through the East-Central States, whiel a system continues to affect the West. Showers and storms will be likey in portions of the Mississppi Valley and Southeast, associated with a system pushing through the region. Further north, snow will be likely in portions of the Northern Mississippi Valley, Great Lakes, and Ohio Valley. Accumulations of 1-3″ are likely. In the West, a system will cotninue to affect the region. Rain will be likely in coastal areas and in lower elevations inland. Accumulating snow will be likely in portions of the Cascades, Sierra, and Rockies. Below are the thunderstorm and snowfall outlooks for Wednesday.

December 29-January 4th 2009 Plains/Midwest/Great Lakes/Ohio Valley/Northeast Winter Storm

30 12 2009

Tuesday-Monday, Plains/Midwest/Great Lakes/Ohio Valley/Northeast Winter Storm

A weak system will eject out into the Plains on Tuesday, and eventually strengthen as it pushes up the Northeast Coast by the weekend. A swath of snow will be likely along and north of the track of the system. A general 1-3″ will be likely over must of the areas including the Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and portions of the Northeast. In portions of the Appalachins and Northern Northeast, accumualtions of over 6″ will be likely, as the system strengthens as it pushes up the coast. Below is the snowfall outlook for this system.