December 7-10th 2009 Plains/Midwest/Great Lakes/Northeast Blizzard

8 12 2009

Monday-Thursday, Plains/Midwest/Great Lakes/Northeast Blizzard

A strong storm system will push from the Plains up into the Great Lakes, by Wednesday energy from this system will transfer to the East Coast to form another storm. On the north side of the north side of the first┬ásystem, a large swath of accumulating snow will be likely from the Front Range up into the Great Lakes. Accumulations from Nebraska and Kansas, up into Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan, will likel yreach above 12″, and possibly close in on 2 feet in some areas. this storm will rapdily strengthen, causing high winds to gust over 40MPH. This, along with the heavy snow, will create widespread blizzard conditions across the area. In the Northeast, a swath of accumulating snow will be likely also. The highest accumulations will be in the interior and Appalachians, where over 6″ is likely. Below is the snowfall map for this system.

Tuesday, December 8th 2009 Weather Outlook

8 12 2009

Tuesday’s Weather Outlook; Inter-Mountain West/Plains/Midwest/Great Lakes/Mississippi Valley/Ohio Valley/Southeast/Mid-Atlantic System

On Tuesday, a system will push through the Plains, while a system develop off the East Coast. Showers and storms will be likely in portions of the Inter-Mountain West, Plains, Mississippi Valley, Ohio Valley, Southeast, and Mid-atlantic, associated with a system pushing through the Plains and up towards the Great Lakes. There is a slight risk for severe storms in portions of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Georiga, and North Carolina. Cape values will be up to 2000 J/KG, LI’s up to -4,a nd Effect Bulk Shear values up to 65KT. These factors along with strong dynamics, will help severe storms develop and push through the states int he risk area. A line of severe storms will develop along a cold front from Arkansas dwon into Louisiana during the late Morning and Afternoon. This line will race eastward across the risk area, through the day and into Tuesday Night. The main threats from the severe storms will be damaging winds, hail and an isolated tornado. On the north and west side of the system, snow will be likely from the Rockies, eastward into the Plains, Midwest, and Great Lakes. Accumulations are likely, with the heaviest axis of snow running from Kansas and Nebraska, up into Wisconsin, where over 8″ is likely. Some instibility will be present, which may lead to thundersnow. If this occurs, snowfall rates will rach 1-3″ per hour. High winds will also be likely with this system, these winds may gust over 45MPH in some areas. This along with the snow, will create blizzard conditions on the backside of the storm. In the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, energy from the ssytem in the Plains will help develop a system along the coast. On the backside of this system, snow will be liekly across portions of the Appalachians and interior Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Below are the severe weather and snowfall outlooks for Tuesday.