Monday, November 9th 2009 Weather Outlook

8 11 2009

Monday’s Weather Outlook; Great Lakes/Mississippi Valley/Plains System, Gulf Coast System/Hurricane Ida, Northwest System


On Monday, a system will push through the Great Lakes, while Hurricane Ida continues to affect the Gulf Coast, and a new system continues ot push intot he Northwest. Showers and storms will be likely across poritons of the Great LAkes, Mid-Mississippi Valley and Central Plains, associated with a system pushing through the Great Lakes. Along the Gulf Coast, heavy rain and storms will be likely as Hurricane Ida continues to close in on the area. Flooding is possible due to the high moisture content. In the Northwest, a system will continue to push into the area. This system will bring showers and storms to the area, along with accumulating snow to portions of the Canscades and Rockies. Below are the thunderstorm and snowfall outlooks for Monday.

sev 716


snow 57