Wednesday, October 28th 2009 Weather Outlook

27 10 2009

Wednesday’s Weather Outlook; Northeast/Mid-Atlantic System, Inter-Mountain West/Plains System, Northwest System


On Wednesday, a system will push through the Mid-Atlantic, while a system pushes through the Plains, and a new system pushes into the Northwest. Showers and storms will be likely in portions of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, associated with a system pushing through the Mid-Atlantic. In the Plains, a system will push into the area from the West. Showers and storms will be likely in portions of the Plains and Inter-Mountain West. Some storms may become severe during the Afternoon and into the Nigh, in portions of the Central and Southern Plains. As Cape values will be up to 2000 J/KG, LI’s up to -5 and Effective Bulk Shear values up to 75KT. The main threats from any storms that become severe, will be damaging winds, hail and an isoalted tornado. On the north side of the system, accumulating snow will be likely in portions of the Rockies and Plains. Several inches of accumulation can be expected int he lower evevations, with over 1-3 feet of snow expected in the higher elevations. High winds may help to create blizzard conditions at times, with blowing and drifting snow. In the Northwest, a new system will pushintot he area. this system will bring the chance of rain to the area, and snow to portions of the Cascades. Below is the thunderstorm and snowfall outlooks for Wednesday.

sev 702


snow 41