Sunday, October 25th 2009 Weather Outlook

24 10 2009

Sunday’s Weather Outlook; Plains/Midwest/Great Lakes System, Northwest System


On Sunday, a system will continue to push through the Plains, while a new system enters the Northwest. Showers and storms will be likely in portions of the Plains, Midwest and Great Lakes, assocaited with a system pushing through the Plains. Some storms may become severe in portions of the Southern Plains. As Cape values will be up to 2500 J/KG, LI’s up to -7 and Effective Bulk Shear values up to 55KT. The lack of forcing will limit the overall severe threat and coverage. The main threats from any storms that become severe, will be damaging winds, hail and an isolated tornado. On the backside of the system, accumulating snow will be likely in portions of the Blacks Hills in South Dakota and Wyoming, also along the Front Range of the Rockies in Colorado and New Mexico. In the Northwest,  a new system will push intot he area. Bringing a chance of rain to the area, snow will be possible in the higher elevations of the Cascades and Rockies. Below are the thunderstorm and snowfall outlooks for Sunday.

sev 698

snow 37