Friday, October 2nd 2009 Weather Outlook

1 10 2009

Friday’s Weather Outlook; Plains/Midwest/Great Lakes/Ohio Valley/Southeast/Northeast/Mid-Atlantic System, Northwest System


On Friday, a system will slowly psh through the Midwest, while a system pushes into the Northwes.t Showers and storms will be likely over portions of the Northern Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, associated with the system pushing slowly through the Midwest. Cool temperatures will continue to be seen across most of the northern portions of the country. In the Northwest, a system will continue to push into the region. Showers and storms will be likely in portions of the area, with snow being possible in the high elevations of the Rockies. Below is the thunderstorm and snowfall outlooks for Friday.

sev 672

snow 7

Thursday, October 1st 2009 Weather Outlook

1 10 2009

Thursday’s Weather Outlook; Plains/MidwestGreat Lakes/Mississippi Valley System


On Thursday, a system will push through the Plains. Showers and storms will be likely in portions of the Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes and Mississippi Valley, associated with this system. There is a slight risk for severe storms in portions of  Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missisippi and Louisiana. In the wake of Morning convection, Cape values should get up to 1000-3500 J/KG, LI’s up to -8 and Effective Bulk Shear values up 35-65KT. Severe storms will develop during the Afternoon along the cold front from the Kansas City area down into Central Texas. Storm mode should start out as discrete cells before transitioning into more of a sqall line, as the storms continue to push eastward into the Night with some severe threat. The main threats will be damaging winds, hail and a few tornadoes. On the backside of the system, snow will be likely in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming and along the higher elevations of the Rockies along the Front Range. Accumulations are likely. Below are the severe weather and snowfall outlooks for Thursday.


 sev 671

snow 6