Wednesday, September 2nd 2009 Weather Outlook

1 09 2009

Wednesday’s Weather Outlook; Southeast System, Plains/West System, Northwest System


On Wednesday, a system will continue to affect the Southeast, while a system pushes through the Plains and a new system enters the Northwes.t Showers and storms will be possible across portions of the Southeast, as a weak frontal boundary contines to push through. In the Plains, a weak system will push into the region. Showers and storms will be possible associated with this system in portions of the Plains and West. A few storms may become severe dring the Afternoon and Evening in portions of the Plains, Front Range, Inter-Mountain West and Desert Southwest. As CAPE values will be around 2500 J/KG, LI’s o f-7 and Effective Bulk Shear values up to 50KT. The lack of forcing and moisture, will limit the overall severe threat and coverage. This will preclude a slight rsikf rom being issued. The main threats from any storms that become severe, will be damaging winds, hail and an isolated tornado. In the Northwest, a new system will begin the affect the area. with showers and an isolated storm. Below is the thunderstorm outlook for Wednesday.

sev 634



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