Friday, April 24th 2009 Weather Outlook

23 04 2009

Friday’s Weather Outlook; West/Plains/Mississippi Valley/Southeast System


On Friday, a system will continue to push slowly eastward through the Plains. Showers and storms will be likely along and ahead of the system in portions of the West, Plains, Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes. There is a slight risk for severe storms in portions of Minnesota, Wiscosnin, Michigan, Iowa and Nebraska. CAPE values will be around 3000 J/KG, LI’s of -7, Effective Bulk Shear values of 30-50KT and dew points in the 60’s. This alond with a system psuhing through, will help storms become severe. Storms should fire along the front from Minnesota down through Iowa and Nebraska in the Evening, as the CAP breaks. storms will continue eastward into the Night, before weakening. In portions of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, a weak wave will move through. This will help in developing showers and storms. With limited instibility, a few storms may become severe. In portions of Georiga, South Carolina and North Carolina, a weak wave will also be moving through. Showers and storms will be possible. With limited instibility, a few storms may become severe. The main thretas from the severe storms will be hail, damaging winds and some tornadoes. On the north side of the system in the Northwest, snow will be possible in the higher elevations. Below is the severe weather and snowfall outlook for Friday.






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