Wednesday, April 22nd 2009 Weather Outlook

21 04 2009

Wednesday’s Weather Outlook; Northeast/ Great Lakes System, West/Plains System


On Wednesday, a system will slowly push into the Northeast, while a new system enters the Northwest. In the Northeast, a system will slowly push east through the region. Showers and storms will be possible across portions of the Great Lakes and Northeast. With limited instibility and low freezing levels, some hail will be possible. In the West and Plains, a system will slowly begin to enter the region, bringing a chance of scattered showers and storms to the West. With limited instibility, a few storms may become severe. Showers and storms will also develop along a warm front from the Central Plains into the Southern Mississippi Valley. There is a slight risk for severe storms in Kansas. CAPE values will be around 2500 J/KG, LI’s of -7 and Effective Bulk Shear values of 30-50KT. This along with a warm front in the area, will help some storms become severe. With the main threats being hail, damaging winds and an isolated tornado. Below is the severe weather and snowfall outlook for Wednesday.