Thursday, April 16th 2009 Weather Outlook

15 04 2009

Thursday’s Weather Outlook; West/Plains System


On Thursday, a system will continue to slowly push through the West. A system will continue to affect the West and Plains, as it slowly pushes east, as a blocking pattern is in place. Showers and storms will be likely in the lower elevations of the West, with snow in the higher elevations. In the Plains, showers and storms will develop along the dry line, moving out from the Front Range. There is a slight risk for severe storms in portions of Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma. CAPE values will be around 2000 J/KG, LI’s of -6 and Effective Bulk Shear values of 40-55KT. This along with a system opushing through, will help storms become severe. Severe storms will develop along the dry line from Texas into Colorado in the Afternoon, the storms will move eastward ans persist into the Night before weakening. The main threats will be hail, damaging winds and an isolated tornado. Below is the severe weather and snowfall outlook for Thursday.