Wednesday, April 15th 2009 Weather Outlook

14 04 2009

Wednesday’s Weather Outlook; West/Plains System, Mid-Atlantic System


On Wednesday, a system will begin to exit the Mid-Atlantic, while a system continues to move through the West. Showers will be possible across portions of the Mid-Atlantic region, as a system pushes away from the region. In the West, a system will continue to slowly push through the region. Bringing showers and storms to the lower elevations and snow to the higher elevations. Showers and storms will develop and move into the Plains in the Afternoon and Night. There is an isolated risk fro severe storms in portions of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas. With limited instibility and a system pushing through, a few storms may become severe. With the main threats being hail and damaging winds. Below is the thunderstorm and snowfall outlook for Wednesday.