Wednesday, February 11th 2009 Weather Outlook

11 02 2009

Wednesday’s Weather Outlook; Great Lakes/Ohio Valley/Northeast/Southeast System, West System, Plains System


On Wednesday, a system will continue to push east into the Ohio Valley and surrounding areas, while a system exits the Northern Plains, and a new system moves onshor ein the West. Showers and storms are likely in the Ohio Valley, Southeast, Northest, and Great Lakes, as a system moves through. There is a moderate risk fro severe storms in parts of Tennesse, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. Instibility will be limited, but the storms will be driven by kinematics, moisture, and the dynamic system. A squall line extending from Indiana down into Alabama, will move east through the day, and into the Night. The main threats from the storms will be damaging winds, hail, and isolated tornadoes. In the Northern Plains, a system will exit the area, leaving snow showers in its wake. In the West, a new system will move onshore. Brining snow to the higher elevations, and rain to the lower elevations. Below is the severe weather and snowfall outlook for Wednesday.