Wednesday, January 21st 2009 Weather Outlook

20 01 2009

Wednesday’s Weather Outlook; Southwest System, Great Lakes Lake Effect Snow


On Wednesday,a systemw ill push into the Southwest, as lake effect snow continues in the Great Lakes. Showers and isolated thunderstorms will be likely through the day in the Southwest, as a system moves ashore. Snow will be possible in the Great Lakes, as lake effect snow continues down wind of the Great Lakes. Below is the thunderstorm and snowfall outlook for Wednesday.



January 18-20th 2009 Southeast Winter Storm

20 01 2009

Sunday-Tuesday Southeast Winter Storm


A winter storm will move through the Southeast, and up the Coast, Sunday-Tuesday. Snow will be likely on the backside of the system, in many areas of the Southeast. the highest accumulations will be in North Carolina, where 6-9 inches may fall. Below is the snowfall forecast for this system.