December 13-15th 2008 Plains/Midwest Blizzard

13 12 2008

Saturday-Monday Plains/Midwest Blizzard


A blizzard will affect the Plains and Midwest Saturday into Monday. Heavy snow will fall from the Dakotas into Minnesota. Over 12 inches of snow can be expected in Northern Minnesota, with ammounts of 6-9 inches in the Dakotas. Winds are expected to gust in excess of 35MPH over the region, when combined with the heavy snow, blizzard conditions are likely. Cold temperatures in the single digits and below zero, combined with the winds, will cause wind chilles to be 10-50 degrees below zero. Below is the snowfall forecast for this system.


Sunday, December 14th 2008 Weather Outlook

13 12 2008

Sunday’s Weather Outlook; Plains/Midwest/Great Lakes System, West System


On Sunday, a system will continue to push through the Plains and Midwest, while a new system moves into the West. Heavy snow will be possible for much of the day across the Plains and Mdiwest. Combined with winds over 35MPH, blizzard conditions are likely. Very cold temperatures in the single digits and below zero are likely, and when combined witht the wind, wind chill s may be 15-50 degrees below zero. Showers and isolated thunderstorms will develop late in the day across the Plains and into the Great Lakes, as a front moves through. Precipitation may turn to snow, sleet, or freezing rain as the front passes, late Sunday Night. In the West, a new system will move onshore, bringing rain the the lower elevations, and snow the the higher elevations. Below it the thunderstorm and snowfall forecast for Sunday.