Friday, December 12th 2008 Weather Outlook

11 12 2008

Friday’s Weather Outlook; Northeast System, West System


On Friday, a system will continue to work up through the Northeast, while a new system moves into the West late in the day. Showers and storms will be possible in costal sections of the Northeast and Mid Atlantic region. Freezing rain will be likely in interior areas, away from the coast. Ice accumulations are possible. In mountainous areas of the Northeast, snow will be likely. Accumulations over 6 inches will be possible in New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont. In the West, a new system will move in late in the day. Rain and snow will be likely in many areas. Snow will also affect the lower elevations. Blizzard warnings have been issued for portions of Washignton and Oregon. Below is the thunderstorm and snowfall outlook for Friday.



December 10-12th 2008 Southeast/Northeast Snowstorm

11 12 2008

Wednesday-Friday Southeast/Northeast Snowstorm


A strong system will work through the Southeast and into the Northeast. Snow will be likely on the backside of this system from the Gulf Coast, up into the Northeast. The heaviest snow  accumulations in the Southeast will be in Louisiana and Mississippi, where 6-9 inches may fall in some areas. Snow accumulations of this magnitude in the Southeast are rare, and do not happen often. In the Northeast, the highest accumulations will be in New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont, where over 9 inches may be possible. Freezing rain will also be a problem from Virginia up into Massachusetts, where over 0.50″ of ice may accumulate. Below is the snowfall forecast for the system.