November 21-22nd 2008 Plains/Midwest Snow Event Final Totals

23 11 2008

November 21-22nd Plains/Midwest Snow Event Totals


A weak system along with warm air advection created a swath of snow, which ran from South Dakota and North Dakota, down into Iowa. Most totals were in the 1-3 inch range, though some totals reached between 3-6 inches in Iowa and South Dakota. Below are the top 5 snow totals in each state affected.

Iowa:                                                       South Dakota:

Adair, IA – 4.0″                                                      Usta, SD – 7.0″

Boone, IA – 3.0″                                                    Bison, SD – 4.5″

Akron, IA – 3.0″                                              Camp Crook, SD – 4.0″

Alton, IA – 2.0″                                                   Red Elm, SD – 4.0″

Guthrie Center, IA – 2.8″                                     Meadow, SD – 4.0″

Minnesota:                                               North Dakota:

Hardwick, MN – 1.0″                                           Hettinger, ND – 4.0″

Pipestone, MN – 1.0″                                            Linton, ND – 3.0″

Wheaton, MN – 1.0″                                             Hazelton, ND – 2.6″

Worthington, MN – 0.6″                                        Flasher, ND – 1.8″

                                                                            Bismarck, ND – 1.2″

Monday, November 24th 2008 Weather Outlook

23 11 2008

Monday’s Weather Outlook; Great Lakes/Northeast/South System


On Sunday, a system will continue to work through th Great Lakes, and Ohio Valley, and points eastward. Showers and storms will be possible through the day in the South and in the Ohio Valley. Some of the showers and storms will work into the Northeast late in the day. Snow will be possible on the north side of this system in portions of Michigan, Northern Illinois, and Wisconsin. Accumulations are possible. Below is the thunderstorm outlook and the snowfall outlook for Monday.