Wednesday, November 5th 2008 Weather Outlook

4 11 2008

Wednesday’s Weather Outlook; Plains/Midwest System


On Wednesday, a system will continue to push into the Plains. Showers and storms will be possible through out the day across portions of the Plains, Midwest, and West. Rain will turn to snow in the Western Plains Wednesday Night. Heavy snow, with near blizzard conditions will be possible through Friday. Total snowfall accumulations may reach over 1 foot in some areas. I have issued a slight risk for severe storms in,; Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas. In the Afternoon, in the Plains, ML CAPE and SB CAPE will get up around 1500, Dew Points in the 50’s and Effective Bulk Shear of up to 45-60KT. This along with a system in the region, will cause storms to develop. The storms will become severe, with the main threatas of damaging winds, hail , and some tornadoes. An upgrade to a moderate risk may be needed for portions of Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas, if conditions warrant. Below is my severe weather outlook for Wednesday.


October 27-29th 2008 Northeast Snowstorm Totals

4 11 2008

October 27-29th Northeast Snowstorm Totals


An early season, record breaking snowstorm affected the region October 27-29th. Near blizzard conditions were experienced. Below are the top 5 snow totals per state affected.

Maine:                                                             New York:

Leeds, ME – 11.4″                                                     Roxbury, NY – 25.6″

Belmont, ME – 10.2″                                               East Jewett, NY – 20.0″

Hope, ME – 10.0″                                                Slide Mountain, NY – 20.0″

Lewiston, ME – 10.0″                                              Prattsville, NY – 18.5″

Gray, ME – 9.3″                                                       Wanakena, NY – 18.0″

New Hampshire:                                              Vermont:

Pinkham Notch, NH – 14.0″                              Mount Mansfield, VT – 12.0″

Crawford Notch, NH – 14.0″                                   Joy Peak, VT – 11.0″

Twin Mountain, NH – 10.0″                                       Eden, VT – 8.0″

Lost River, NH – 9.0″                                             Wheelock, VT – 7..0″

Gilford, NH – 8.0″                                                Jeffersonville, VT – 6.0″


Mountain Lake, PA – 16.0″

Pocano Peak Lake, PA – 15.0″

Moscow, PA – 14.0″

Emhurst, PA – 13.5″

Mount Cobb, PA – 12.0″