October 21-22nd Northeast Snow Event Final Totals

22 10 2008

October 21-22nd Northeast Snow Event Final Totals:


A storm system moved across the Northeast on Late Monday into Early Wednesday. Rain turned to snow on Tuesday, and persisted into early Wednesday. Snow accumulations were generally in the 1-3 inch range, though in Maine there were a few 3-6 inch totals. Below are the top 5 snow totals from each state affected.

Maine:                                                             New York:

Estcourt, ME – 6.0″                                                Lyon Mountain, NY – 2.0″

Freedom Acres, ME – 6.0″                                        Dannermora, NY – 1.0″

Fort Kent, ME – 4.0″                                               Halcott Center, NY – 0.5″

Saint Francis, ME – 4.0″                                         Slide Mountain, NY – 0.5″

Saint Agatha, ME – 3.5″                                                         


East Albany, VT – 1.0″

Eden, VT – 0.6″

North Underhill, VT – 0.6″

Stannard, VT – 0.5″

Wheelock, VT – 0.5″



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