Thursday, August 14th Severe Weather Outlook

13 08 2008

Thursday’s Severe Weather Outlook


A system will slowly start to move across the Plains on Thursday, as a system sits off the East Coast. I have issued a slight risk for severe storms on Thursday. In the Plains and Western Rockies , in the Afternoon, SB CAPE will be up around 3500, ML CAPE around 3000, LI’s of -8, and Effective Bulk Shear of 45-60KT. This along with a system moving in, will cause severe storms to develop. The storms will move east and south east into the Evening, as the continue into the Night, they may form into one or more MCS’s. In the Midwest a weak front/trough will be over the area. Combined with SB CAPE of up to around 3500, ML CAPE of 3000, LI’s of -8, and Effective Bulk Shear up to 35KT, it will cause some to develop, some of which may be severe. In the Northeast, SB CAPE will be around 2000, ML CAPE around 1000, and LI’s of -5. Combined with a storm system just off the coast, storms will develop. These storm will deminsh during the Evening. Threats from any severe storms will be damaging winds, hail, and an isolated tornado. Below is my severe weather outlook for Thursday.



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