April 30th-May 2nd Western Plains Blizzard Snow Totals

4 05 2008

Wednesday-Friday Western Plains Blizzard Snowfall Totals


A late season blizzard struck the Western Plains Wednesday-Friday. Snow from this storm drifted 7 feet high, and created white out conditions which closed many roads. This storm produced record snowfall in many areas, with over 4 feet of snow falling in South Dakota. Below are the top 5 snow totals by state.

South Dakota:                              Nebraska:                  Wyoming:                   Montana:

Lead: 54.5                        Big Springs: 6.0              Sundance: 24.0                   Ekalaka: 26.0

Harding: 48.8                      Ashby: 6.0             Casper Mountain: 21.0        Burgess Junction: 25.0

Castle Rock: 36.0               Dalton: 6.0                 Four Corners: 20.0                  Webster: 14.0

Spearfish: 30.0                  Wallace: 5.8                      Upton: 16.0                        Albaion: 13.0

Deadwood: 29.9               Bingham: 5.0                     Weston: 9.0                         Alzada: 12.0



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