11:00PM Tuesday Early Week Storm Update And Late Week Storm Possibility

4 03 2008

Storm/Radar Update


A major winter storm contines to affect the region. Currently there is a band of heavy snow over Indiana, Ohio , and Michigan. The is freezing rain and flooding rains in the Northeast, and severe storms in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Snow will continue in area’s mentioned above for a couple more hours. Below is the latest radar with comments on it. Below the radar is info on a clipper system to affect the region Wednesday and Thursday, below that talks about the possibility of a late week storm. Also if you have recieved any snow/ice/sleet please leave a comment under this post with your town/state/total, I will post totals tomorrow, thanks ahead of time if you leave a total.


Wednesday-Thursday Clipper And Snow Map

A clipper system will move through Wednesday and Thursday. There will be a swath of 1-3 inches of snow from the Canada/Minnesota border to Nebraska, elsewhere around 1 inch is expected. Below is a snow map for this clipper.


Late Week/Early Weekend Storm Possibility

Another winter storm is looking possible late in the week and into the weekend. As of right now the area’s that look to get snow are the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes. This storm is still a couple of days out so expect changes in the forecast. Below is a picture of the 00UTC NAM models take on the storm.




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