Sunday 11:30PM Late Weekend-Early Week Storm Update

2 03 2008

Late Weekend-Early Week Storm Update

Sunday Night-Monday Storm


The first wave of this system is moving through the Central U.S. It is currently dumping heavy snow in parts of Iowa, producing severe storms in Texas and Oklahoma, and producing flooding rains in Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. The first wave of this system will continue to move northeast on Monday producing more severe weather, flooding rains and up to 1-3 inches of snow in area’s. Below is a map showing where snow and severe weather are possible Tonight into Monday. Below this post will be a section talking about the Monday Night-Wednesday storm.


Monday Night-Wednesday Storm

A second storm looks to move into the region Monday Night into Wednesday. The track and strength of this storm may still change. At this time it looks like there will be severe storms in the south, significant ice in: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and into parts of the Northeast, and on the back side several inches of snow will be possible in Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Northern Indiana, Michigan, and into the Northeast. I will have another post on this storm tomorrow morning. Below is a map showing where snow/ice and severe weather look to occur.




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