Saturday Weather Disturbance and Totals So Far

24 02 2008

Weather Disturbance/Totals So Far


A weather disturbance has been moving through the Southern Plains on Saturday. It has dropped up to 5 inches of snow, 0.50 an inch of sleet, and a glazing of ice in area’s. It is currently moving through: Arkansas, and Missouri. The area of precip. is still falling snow, sleet and freezing rain. The disturbance will continue to move east for a couple more hours before dissipating. Below is a list of snow and sleet totals so far. Below that is the latest radar image with comments on it.

Snow:                                                  Sleet:                

Russel, KS: 5.0                        Dixon, MO: 0.50

Westphalia, KS: 5.0              Chapman, KS: 0.15

La Crosse, KS: 5.0

Wilson, KS: 5.0

Ellisworth, KS 4.9

Hesson, KS: 4.7

Richmond, KS: 4.0

Hayes, KS: 4.0

Dorrance, KS: 4.0

Hillsboro, KS: 4.0




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