Thursday-Friday Winter Storm Final Precip. Totals

23 02 2008

Winter Storm Snow/Sleet/Freezing Rain Final Totals


The winter storm has now pulled out of the Northeast. It has produced significant snow, sleet and ice totals in the Southern Midwest, Ohio Valley, and Northeast. Below is a list of the top 10 snow, sleet and ice totals. They are in order from greatest to least.

Snow Totals:                                       Sleet Totals:                                    Ice Totals:

Wilton, CT: 14.0                               Winfield, KS: 3.0                            Columbus, KS: 0.75

Northvale, NJ: 10.5                        Pittsburg, MO: 2.5                       Brownstown, IN: 0.50

Bethel, NY: 10.2                               Sullivan, MO: 2.0                         Harrisburg, IL: 0.50 

Monroe, NY: 10.0                           Fort Scott, MO: 2.0                         Joplin, MO: 0.50

Beverly, MA: 10.0                          Tuscumbia, MO: 2.0                        Dennis, KS: 0.50

Peabody, MA: 10.0                           Lamar, MO: 2.0                           Leawood, MO: 0.50

Big Bear, PA: 10.0                             Laurie, MO: 2.0                          Owingsville, KY: 0.40 

Mohawk Mountain, CT: 10.0             Le Roy, KS: 2.0                          Owensboro, KY: 0.30

Boylston, MA: 9.9                                Rolla, MO: 1.5                            Newburgh, IN: 0.30

Shrewsbury, MA: 9.9                       Warsaw, MO: 1.5                      Mount Sterling, KY: 0.30



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